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Henna Hair Coloring

Henna has been popular ay for coloring hair for centuries in the Middle East and in India. Using henna for nourishment and coloring of the hair is part of the normal beauty regime in these countries. Thanks to its attributes, henna has been used by both the rich and the poor for centuries.

Henna is a very good natural conditioner for the hair. It strengthens the hair, thanks to the presence of several nourishing constituents in it. It has anti fungal properties which help in controlling dandruff. When you use henna on your hair it becomes easier to detangle and your hair is more manageable. A natural dye, it dyes your hair a beautiful and natural red.

Henna and Various Types of Hair
Henna, a natural product, acts differently from synthetic dyes. It coats the hair with a transparent red coloring. As you repeatedly apply henna on the hair, the color gets deeper. An advantage of using henna is that it is natural. It conditions and colors your hair in a natural and safe manner.

On dark hair henna gives red and reddish highlights.
  • When applied on black or dark brown hair, the hair are dyed auburn to burgundy with red highlights that are visible in the sunlight.
  • Henna dyes blond hair a natural red.
  • Henna on red hair makes the hair a deeper red.
  • Henna dyes white hair a natural red or a deep red

    Ways of Using Henna
    When using henna, you can make a paste to suit your hair type. Some people who are concerned about their hair becoming dry, can add special oils to their henna paste. People add floral water, eggs and other natural dyes to their pastes to create the perfect paste. You can also ask one of your friends to help you because applying henna could get messy.

    For keeping yourselves clean, drape your shoulders with a towel and wear plastic gloves. You can preferably do a test on hair from your hair brush before actually dying your hair. Begin at the bottom layers of your hair and work your way up. Use henna paste to thin strips of hair at a time. Apply evenly till all your hair is covered with henna.


    • Mix warm lemon juice or warm water with henna paste. Allow paste to on the hair for 2-12 hours. This depends on the dye release of the henna powder.
    • After making the paste, apply it to your hair wearing gloves. Start from the back and move forward.
    • Wash and rinse the paste out.

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